Sony ZS-X3CP S2 Sports CD/Radio Boombox (White)

  • CD and radio boombox with MP3 compatibility and Mega Bass low-end sound enhancement
  • 4-line, dot-matrix display simplifies file and folder navigation
  • ESP2 CD shock protection minimizes skipping during CD playback
  • Jog-lever navigation control lets you move “fast forward” or “fast back” through MP3 files and folders
  • Water-resistant design with high-impact plastic housing is designed for outdoor fun

Count on Sony to break the barriers of size and sound. It does just that with this portable S2 SportsM-^Y CD/radio boombox. The splash-proof design is made for outdoor fun, and the unit features ESP CD shock protection for uninterrupted playback. You get CD-R/CD-RW/MP3 playback capability and the large 4-line dot matrix display makes it easy for MP3 file navigation. Plus, the digital tuner ensures that there will be no station drifting.