Throat Microphone for Two Way Radios (Motorola One Pin) (Stryker Pro Series)

  • Effective and clear communications
  • eliminates all background noise
  • dual active throat microphone transponders
  • Comfortable fit ear pieces & Professional grade acoustic ear coil
  • Thick gauge wiring and heavy duty connection points

The Noise Eliminating throat microphone is superior to a noise canceling mic, this throat microphone eliminates all background noise whether in the battle field or on the job site. Utilizing dual active throat microphone transponders, sound is absorbed via vibrations from the throat and transferred to the radio which is then converted into recognizable voice frequencies. The Stryker headset reduces environmental and mechanical ambient noise significantly over other conventional microphone headsets.

Comfortable fit ear pieces. The Stryker throat mic is available in a Professional grade acoustic ear coil. The proprietary, ergonomic design of the ear cushions ensures good fit over a wide range of ear sizes.
The Stryker headset offers premium thick gauge wiring and heavy duty connection points, that allow for aggressive environments where only the highest quality products can survive. The Stryker integrates a multi-functional, water resistant large round Push to Talk button that simplifies the process of quickly activating the radio with a swiveling clip.